Let's Roll!

Use the power of your voice to pick and roll dice
... or roll the old fashioned way. For Android.

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Unique Voice Control

Just Tell It What You Want To Roll

Press the "Tap To Speak" button then tell it what you want to roll.

Manual "old fashioned" Rolling

Tap a Box, Tap a Number

This is as easy as it gets. Tap a box then tap the number you want. When you're done, tap the "Tap to Roll" button (or shake the device, if you have that option enabled.)

Unlimited Dice

There May Be a Limit, But We Haven't Seen It

Unlike similar apps, Dice Shaker does not have certain dice options that you must use. It will roll anycombination from d2 to d100!

You can roll as many dice as you want, and multiple dice types at the same time!

Many Customizable Features

Make It Fit Your Style

Adjust colors and features to make it perfect for your play style or your character.